Serial Multivision Pte. Ltd.

Serial Multivision Pte. Ltd.

Serial Multivision Pte. Ltd. (“Serial Multivision”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Group that specialises in hospitality and healthcare solutions.

The hospitality and healthcare solutions are built based on a core venue management application suite know as Venue360. Premise operators are empowered via technology speciically tailored for their needs, complementing existing systems such as their backend ERPs. Serial Multivision’s Venue360 is developed with extensive input from ground-level operation staff, making it not only real and practical, users are able to improve their service offerings to a new level ahead of their competitors.

Serial Multivision’s leading-edge modules within Venue360, such as the Intelligence Room Infotainment Solution and the Digital Media Content Management system, are part of its Venue Management Suite, which let organisations automatically parse customer and employee feedback to measure productivity and effectiveness and also alert the operators in early stages of any shortcomings on the ground, allowing immediate remedies and actions to be put in place and should it be necessary to escalate any matters, the enhanced Incident Tracking and reporting system allows health-related incidents to be reported on a common platform and streamlines hospital operations so that staff are better equipped to handle critical issues.

Another key solution is Serial Multivision’s flagship electronic Meal Ordering System (eMOS). Developed for food service management in the healthcare industry, eMos seamlessly combines hospital and kitchen operations with inputs from the nutrition and dietetics ofices, providing a digital knowledge base. Users can easily access information via a mobile menu and get immediate updates on topics such as clinical nutritional care and food allergies. eMOS provides customised HL7 interfaces with real-time information to support patients’ nutritional care and meal delivery. Serial Multivision also extends the software for use by third party healthcare caterers such as SFS (Singapore Food Services) to consolidate and manage orders at a hospital site to the caterers’ remote kitchen seamlessly.

Serial Multivision’s current clients include Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, Jurong Community Hospital, Changi General Hospital, Institute of Mental Health, St Andrew’s Hospital, Gleneagles Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Orchard, Parkway East Hospital, Parkway Mount Elizabeth Novena, Yishun Community Hospital, Sengkang Hospital, Sengkang Community Hospital, Alexandra Integrated Health and Bright Vision Community Hospital.

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